We set out to provide control and consultancy services in 2001 to ensure that the foundations of the future are laid right today. In this way, we stepped into the project management, information and communication systems, facility management, energy and environmental systems sectors in order to expand our service scope and contribute to our customers more.

Our project management team have played a role in the realization of hundreds of different projects, from peaceful living spaces to industrial buildings that will add value to the economy, from elegant and comfortable hotels to fully equipped hospitals with an an area of approximately 8,000,000 m2.

With our facility management company, we continue on our way with our endless effort, steady work and inexhaustible power to add value to the projects we manage, to make the valuable projects more valuable and to make them accepted by our site management services, which we currently provide to more than 7000 residents.

We believe that it is a necessity to adapt to technological developments and to follow technology in professional life. For this reason, as our group, we took a step into the Information and communication sector and started to work towards the requirements of the age. In this sense, we are working with all our strength to solve your information technology operations from a single point, to be one of you, to be the team that comes to your mind when you say "we".

We wish to leave our children a livable nature as a legacy. We believe that our country's dependence on foreign energy should be reduced by minimizing environmental pollution and investing in domestic, renewable and clean energy resources. With this awareness, we aim to make investments in renewable energy resources, environment, recycling systems and improvement of existing fossil fuel systems and make them energy efficient, and add value to our country.

In all these sectors we serve, we attach importance to quality rather than quantity. This is why we have always formed our teams with qualified colleagues. We have always been open to technology and innovation in order to add a new excitement to our sectors and to differentiate the services provided.

As ÜLKE Group, like we have been doing since 2001, we will think big from now on and, with our belief in our country, we will continue to create added value, to invest, to provide employment and to do our part for the development of our country from which we have taken our strength.


Best regards.
Hüseyin DÜZGÜN
Chairman of the Board